Achieving financial independence

The future scares me when I think about it from a financial standpoint. When I first graduated, I couldn’t help but feel the burden of being financially independent.

My lack of knowledge and experience held me back from making any concrete decisions.

As my friends started university, I decided to take a gap year to figure out my plans and worked part-time to make ends meet.

During my free time, I’d read up on finance blogs that was filled with jargon and terms that confused me more than ever. My lack of knowledge and experience held me back from making any concrete decisions.

How starter helped me

The first step to financial independence is knowledge.​

I was so glad I discovered Starter. ​

The easy-to-digest resources have paved the way for me to take clear actionable steps like managing my daily expenses and budgeting. ​

This has helped me move towards achieving my financial goals while living smarter.​



Ready to live smarter?​

Starter is your passport to a life transition that’s bursting with excitement and adventure! Let our extraordinary perks light up your journey. Sign up now and start living the smarter.​

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