Sheetal & Insyirah​

Living it up!

No one loves new experiences and scoring the best deals in town like we do! ​

It can get pretty pricey in a country like Singapore.​

We are always down for having a good time with our friends and loved ones, but it can get pretty pricey in a country like Singapore.

How starter helped US

We thought we had exhausted all our options until we saw a Starter ad on Grab and decided to hop on the Starter membership.​

We’ve already scored so many amazing deals and seen a whole new world of activities to try out.​

Thank you Starter for helping us live our smartest life!​



Ready to live smarter?​

Starter is your passport to a life transition that’s bursting with excitement and adventure! Let our extraordinary perks light up your journey. Sign up now and start living the smarter.​

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