Securing his next promotion

It’s been a year since I’ve graduated and started work as an e-commerce specialist.

There are many things that weren't taught in school and was looking for avenues to grow professionally.

I love my job but also discovered that there are many things that weren’t taught in school and was looking for avenues to grow professionally. 

One of the ways I wanted to contribute to my organisation was to improve its current automation but my lack in analytics held me back.

How starter helped me

To my surprise, I chanced upon a TikTok talking about Starter’s free annual training credits under the UTAP-Lite programme and decided to give it a shot.​

Armed with an increase in analytics knowledge thanks to the courses I took, I felt more confident in approaching my job and am currently working towards a promotion.

Working smarter has been the best decision ever!​



Ready to live smarter?​

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