Levelling up from student to working adult

As a final year university student, all my friends are busy preparing for the next big step – looking for a job.

I didn't feel like I had the relevant connections to my industry.​

The workforce holds a lot of unknowns that was daunting to me – where to start, what makes a good first job and how my industry works. Even wanting to find out more seemed challenging as I didn’t feel like I had the relevant connections to my industry.​

How starter helped me

Connecting with a mentor really moved my career forward.

Thanks to the recent Roving Youth Hub on campus, I got hooked up to Starter. ​

It matched me to 1-on-1 career mentors from specific industries and gave me the assurance and guidance that I am on the right path. ​

This access to expert mentors provided me with valuable insights that I’m confident will give me with a head start in my career and ways to truly work smarter.​



Ready to live smarter?​

Starter is your passport to a life transition that’s bursting with excitement and adventure! Let our extraordinary perks light up your journey. Sign up now and start living the smarter.​

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